The Role of Oropharyngeal Development, From Fetus to Adult: Craniofacial Structure and Posture: Rehabilitation and Reversal of Epigenetic Mutation

Our third congress took place on September 5-10, 2018 in Rome, Italy at the Pontical University of St. Thomas Aquinas

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A word from our President & Executive Director

At the break of our 3rd AAMS Congress we find ourselves running as fast as we can. There is a sense of urgency and excitement amongst our global community to develop a foundation so we may transition from an emerging area into a field, including translational research, large, international randomized studies, accreditation of teaching institutions, university degrees, and an independent credentialing board. The AAMS has helped launch and nurture more than a dozen active non-profit scientific societies and has helped develop more than twice that many into advanced stages of formation. There are thus over 35 independent myofunctional therapy groups represented here in Rome. With orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) included in committee and task force work with the American Thoracic Society, the European Respiratory Society, the American Dental Association, the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry, and the new standards of care and milestones including OMT from French, German and Brazilian sleep societies, government ministry statements from countries such as Italy and incipient national health coverage from countries such as Korea, it is safe to say that this area of healthcare has tremendous momentum. We are delighted to welcome you to a congress that has a focus on the key opinion leaders, researchers, and pioneering clinicians present who are coming together to see our work flourish.

Marc Richard Moeller
AAMS Executive Director & Congress Co-Chairman

The AAMS Board of Directors has the great pleasure to welcome all those who are attending the 3rd AAMS Congress, taking place in Rome, Italy between September 5th and September 10th 2018. I want to thank you immensely for your participation in this great event which was dreamed and realized by Marc Moeller who has a vision of a future greater than anyone I have ever known in my 40 years of the profession. This event will certainly boost Orofacial Myofunctional sciences and therapy worldwide, creating new opportunities for those professionals who work in this area, bringing new working methodologies for all, thus creating new opportunities of action with direct benefits to patients who seek those professionals for help. I thank everyone who in some way worked and volunteered so that this great event could happen. The list is long... Once again, congratulations to all of you, who are here to celebrate this event, to learn more with colleagues who kindly bring to, and share their knowledge with us all, and allowing this great myo-party to be held. Finally, I’m giving my heartfelt gratitude to Marc and Licia, for I am quite certain that, without them, none of this would have been possible.

Irene Marchesan
AAMS President & Congress Chairperson



Victor Abdullah, MD | Hong Kong–China
Incorporation of Oromyofunctional Therapy in a Surgical Protocol in Hong Kong
Nicole Archambault Besson, MS, CCC-SLP | USA
Breathing is 24/7: The SLP’s Role in the Identification of Airway Function Disorders
James Beddows, TDP, CEO | USA
How Adjacent Innovation May Enable Myofunctional Therapy As A Disruptive Force in Health Care
Esther Bianchini, PhD | Brazil
• Impact of Functional Management on Neurocardiogenic Coupling- Mediated Cardiovascular Risk of Common Sleep Disturbances (with Miguel Meira e Cruz)
• Interdisciplinarity Approach in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): Effects of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) for Orthognathic Surgery Rehabilitation
Workshop: Orofacial Pain and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy: Resources of Surface Electromyography in a Functional Approach
Eyal Botzer, DMD | Israel
Restricted Lingual Frenum-surgery and Management.
Kevin Boyd, DDS, MSc | USA
• Tongue, Skulls and Sleep: An Evolutionary Perspective on Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
• Getting to Scale: The Need for Novel Approaches to Screening, Evaluation, and Treatment of Mouth Breathing
Timothy Bromage, PhD | USA
Functional Matrices of the Craniofacial Complex are Historically Contingent Upon People Chewing and Breathing Hard, Neither of Which They Are Very Good At: Dental Orthopedics Saving Us From Ourselves
Oliviero Bruni, MD | Italy (Satellite Symposium)
Journey to the Bruni Sleep Questionnaire: Updating Pediatric Sleep Screening Tools To Include OMDs
James Bronson, DDS, FIAO | USA
A Functional/Physiologic Approach to Sleep Disorder Breathing in Children
Steve Carstensen, DDS | USA
The Troublesome Connection Between TMJ, Other Chronic Pain, and Airway Health
Cinzia Vincenza Castronovo, PhD | Italy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Myofunctional Therapy: Practical Considerations for Optimization of Treatment
Workshop: The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Enhancing Myofunctional Therapy Results in Sleep Disordered Breathing Patient Populations (with Samantha Weaver, MS)
Franklin Susanibar Chavez, SLP| Peru
(Satellite Symposium)
Yue Weng Cheu, BDS, FRACDS, MJDF, RCS | Singapore
Understanding the Neurological Basis of Myofunctional Therapy
Rosalba Courtney, ND, DO, PhD | Australia
Functional Breathing Retraining for Sleep Apnea Phenotypes- Learning from Precision Medicine
Marco Antonio da Silva, PhD | Brazil
Masticatory Function: Assessment Possibilities and Connection with Temporomandibular Disorders
Renaud Xavier Dejean, DC, ICCSP | Italy
Global Orthodontics Approach: A Local Act For A Global Impact (with Emanuela Favetti)
Gianluca Depriori, PT | Italy
Workshop: Workshop on Facial Manipulation (With Lorenzo Freschi)
Paul Ehrlich, PhD | USA
Evolution and the Jaws Epidemics (with Sandra Kahn)
Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L | USA
Pharyngeal Plexus: Where Embryology, Movement and Oral Function Meet
Melania Evangelisti, MD | Italy
Lingual Frenulum Evaluation in Children With and Without Sleep Disordered Breathing
Emanuela Favetti, MD | Italy
Global Orthodontics Approach: A Local Act For A Global Impact (With Renaud Dejean)
Patrick Fellus, MD | France
From Suction Deglutition to Swallowing Deglutition Through Cortical or Subcortical Networks
Lorenzo Freschi, PT | Italy
Workshop: Workshop on Fascial Manipulation (with Gianluca Depriori)
Brigitte Fung, PT | Hong Kong-China
Mouth Breathing and Abnormal Posture in Childhood Sub-health
Maria Daniela Genovese, MD | Italy
Short Lingual Frenum and Posture Modifications in Children, Youth and Adults (with Giovanni Olivi)
Thierry Gouzland, PT, OMT | France
• The Impressive Power of Chewing : From Facial Growth to Obesity
• Contribution of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in an Orthognathic Surgery Team
Diana Grandi, MSc, SLP | Spain
The Inclusion of Myofunctional Therapy in the OSA Care Team and Adherence to Treatment
Christian Guilleminault MD, DBiol, PhD | USA
Personal Considerations on the Present and the Future of Myofunctional Sciences
William Hang, DDS, MSD | USA
Journey From Non-Believer to Outspoken Advocate of Myofunctional Therapy
Workshop: Effective Interdisciplinary Treatment For Airway/Breathing Disorders For Patients Of All Ages (With Reza Movahed and Joy Moeller)
Miho Imamura, PhD, DDS | Japan
Functional Orthodontic Approach with Upper Jaw Expansion & MFT Helps for the Mouth Breather
Triin Jagomagi, PhD, DDS, MSc | Estonia
Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders – an Orthodontist View
Virginia Johnson, DO, FAAO | USA
Bone Morphology as the “Footprints of a Living Anatomy”: How Motion Shapes the Oral-Pharyngeal Space
Sandra Kahn, DDS, MSD | USA
Evolution and the Jaws Epidemics (with Paul Ehrlich)
Sharon Keenan, PhD | USA
Workshop: Optimizing Health by Prioritizing Sleep; Normal Sleep, Sleep Disorders and the Wisdom to Know the Difference
Venkata Koka, MD, FRCSEd | France
Structural and Functional Changes in Pharyngeal Soft Tissues in OSA
Andres Köster , SLP | Estonia
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for Treatment of Voice Disorders (with Risto Vaikjärv)
Regina Leung, PT | Hong Kong-China
Breathing Re-education Program for Asthmatic Children with Dysfunctional Breathing
Lin-In Lim, DDS | South Korea
(Poster) Tongue Crib Appliance with Myofunctional Therapy for Patients with Hyperdivergent Skeletal Pattern and Open Bite
Steven Lin, MD | Australia
The Big Bang of Craniofacial Growth: Functional Nutrition & Myofunctional Therapy
Workshop: Integrating Nutritional & Myofunctional Therapy into Sleep Medicine (with Samantha Weaver, MS)
Almiro Machado Junior, DDS, PhD | Brazil
Facial Orthopedic Treatments and Myofunctional Therapy in Pediatric Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Current and Future Perspectives
Derek Mahony, BDS, MDS, MOrth | Australia
The crucial Role of Orthodontics in the Multidisciplinary Treatment of Pediatric OSAS
Irene Marchesan, PhD, SLP | Brazil
The interference of tongue-tie with speech
Roberta Martinelli, PhD, SLP | Brazil
The Neonatal Tongue Screening Test: 4 years of Federal Law in Brazil
Patrick McKeown, MA, BBE | Ireland
• Beyond CPAP and AHI, the Restoration of Health
• Restoring Nasal and Functional Diaphragmatic Breathing in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea
Workshop: Practical Approaches to Addressing Breathing Pattern Disorders in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (With James Metz)

Miguel Meira e Cruz, MSc, DDS | Portugal
Impact of Functional Management on Neurocardiogenic Coupling- Mediated Cardiovascular Risk of Common Sleep Disturbances (with Esther Bianchini)
Maria Mejia Guerrero, SLP | Spain
Biofeedback Intervention in Disorders of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJD)
Giuseppe Messina, MD | Italy
• The role of the Tongue Muscles in the Stomatognathic Biomechanics: The Tongue, Mandible, Hyoid System
• (Poster) Changes on Facial Muscles Strength in Children Aged 6-11 Years with Dysfunctional Swallowing
Ludovico Messineo, MD | Italy
Breath-holds and Loop Gain: A Possible Link Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea Phenotyping and Myofunctional Therapy?
James Metz, DDS, FACD, ABDSM | USA
Beyond CPAP and AHI, the Restoration of Health (with Patrick McKeown)
Workshop: One Day Workshop: Practical Approaches to Addressing Breathing Pattern Disorders in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (with Patrick McKeown)
Joy Moeller, BS, RDH | USA
Myofunctional Therapy: An Essential Part of All Aspects of Dentistry
Workshop: Effective Interdisciplinary Treatment For Airway/Breathing Disorders For Patients Of All Ages (With Reza Movahed and William Hang)
Marc Richard Moeller, BA, | USA
(Symposium Moderator & Presenter)- Expanding Applications of Myofunctional Therapy In Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) (with Daniel Ng, Maria Pia Villa, Thanos Zavras, Candy Sparks, Jim Beddow)
Sharon Moore, BS, SLP | Australia
• Sleep Disorders and Disordered Sleep: Getting Them Onto the Professional and Public Radar
• Chew Chew Chew: Why and How
• (Poster) Sleep Literacy for Parents: A Paediatric ‘Sleep Formula’ and ‘Red Flag System’
Workshop: Good Sleep by Design: A Pediatric Sleep Literacy Guide for Professionals and Parents
Reza Movahed, MD | USA
Intricacies in Surgical Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients
Workshop: Effective Interdisciplinary Treatment For Airway/Breathing Disorders For Patients Of All Ages (With Joy Moeller and William Hang)
Daniel Ng, MD | Hong Kong-China
Mouth Breathing in Children with SDB
Van-Thai Nguyen, DDS | Estonia
Changes in the Palatal Dimensions and Structural Airway in Sleep Apnea Patients
Giovanni Olivi, MD | Italy
Short Lingual Frenum and Posture Modifications in Children, Youth and Adults (with Maria Daniela Genovese)
Cynthia Peterson, PT | USA
FAIREST- Functional AIRway Evaluation Screening Tool: Pilot Study, Phase 1
Paola Pirelli, MD | Italy
Rapid Maxillary Expansion in the Therapy of OSAS in Children
Antonella Polimeni, MD, PhD | Italy
Moss’ Theory and Myofunctional Therapy
Heriberto Rangel, MSc, SLP | Colombia
Sleep Disorders in University Students: A Look From the Speech and Language Pathology
Eliana Rivera, MSc, SLP | Colombia
Oropharyngeal Exercises More Effective in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Based on Evidence
Luis Ruiz-Guzman, MD | Spain
• Benefits of Implementing an Ambulatory Intervention Unit of Ankyloglossia in Primary Care
• Comparative Study of Diagnostic Methods of Ankyloglossia in the Infant
• Project: Logopedic Evaluation of Laser Frenectomy in the Treatment of Ankyloglossia in Pediatric Age
Sabina Saccomanno, MD, DMD | Italy
Proper chewing as Choking Prevention
Marisa Santos, DDS | Argentina
Treating Children Earlier
Fabio Scoppa, MD | Italy
• Glosso-postural Syndrome. The Relation Between Tongue Position and Postural Balance
• Poster-Tongue Posture, Swallowing and Cerebral Areas Activation: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Florence Sekito, MSD, PhD | Italy
Outcomes of the Stecco Fascial Manipulation Method in the Reduction of Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders.
Farhan Shah, BDS, MDS, PhD | Sweden/India
Soft Palate Muscles, Nerves, and Pharyngeal Swallowing Function in Snoring and Sleep Apnea Subjects
Cris Simmons, DDS | USA
Clinical Application of An Innovative Maxillary Growth Stimulating Device
Min-Keun Song, MD | South Korea
Evaluation of Swallowing Function in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients
Candy Sparks, BA | USA
Class II Malocclusion and Breathing Deprivation: A Case Study from the Point of View of a Patient’s Family
Visasiri Tantrakul, MD | Thailand
Sleep Disordered Breathing During Pregnancy: Current Evidence for Diagnosis and Treatment
Corinne Thery, MD | France
Oropharyngeal Development: Craniofacial Structure, Posture and Dento Facial Orthopedie
Carlos Torre, MD | USA
Nasal Obstruction From a Developmental and Evolutionary Perspective
Risto Vaikjärv, MD | Estonia
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for Treatment of Voice Disorders (with Andres Köster)
Sanda Valcu-Pinkerton, RDH | USA
(Poster) The Impact on Therapy of the Wound Healing Process Post Frenectomy
Heidi Van Ravenhorst-Bell, PhD, CPT, CNG | USA
Clarity: A Wireless Orofacial Myofunctional Imaging and Pressure Appliance
Anastasia Vasileiu, DDS | Greece
When Greek Philosophy Meets Science: An Ancient Model to Proper Eating and Wellbeing
Maria Pia Villa, MD | Italy
Oropharyngeal Exercises: Modification of Stomatognathic System.
Samantha Weaver, MS | USA
Workshop: Integrating Nutritional & Myofunctional Therapy into Sleep Medicine (with Steven Lin)
Workshop: Workshop: The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Enhancing Myofunctional Therapy Results in Sleep Disordered Breathing Patient Populations (with Cinzia Vincenza Castronovo)
Gina Weissman, DMD, RN, IBCLC | Israel
A Case for Clipping, A Case for Waiting: Difficult Decisions in Clinic
Hyung Chae Yang, MD, PhD | South Korea
Epiglottis Collapse and Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Preliminary Study
Audrey Yoon , DDS, MS | USA
Role of Orthodontic Intervention and MFT in OSA: From Infant to Adult
Soroush Zaghi, MD | USA
Lingual Frenuloplasty with Myofunctional Therapy: Experience with 350 Cases Validating an Indication of Tongue-tie Release for Mouth Breathing, Sleep-disordered Breathing, and Craniofacial Pain.
Athanasios Zavas, DMD, DDS, DRMEDSC | USA
Team-based Pediatric Dental Practice to Address Dental Disparities: The Need for Myofunctional Therapy
Min Zhu, PhD, MSc | China
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome in Children – View From an Orthodontist


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AAMS Third Hippocrates Award Gala


Celebrates our leaders who fight to make the world a better place, spotlighting distinguished achievement and fund raising objectives of the AAMS.

Here in Rome we call forth the spirit of the ancient Roman god Mercury. He is the god of communication, who is often seen as holding the caduceus, the symbol of medicine. Mercury is the son of Maia (the earth) and the chief deitiy Jupiter. Mercury is the god of nancial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he also serves as the guide of souls to the underworld. It is thus tting to call on Mercury to help transmit the work we celebrate on this occasion, in this city that is a birthplace of civilization, and also the site of the 1st published research on myofunctional therapy and sleep, which holds so many keys to our collective progress.

When people ask me “What do you do?” I have a tendency to frame the work I do as a storyteller and a bridge builder. To help nurture an emerging area of medicine, it is critical that we identify key leaders, help tell the stories of their incredibly valuable work, and to celebrate them. This has been a tremendous privilege for me personally. I am continually inspired by the work you all do in this area. It is because of you that we have created the Hippocrates Award.

On our 3rd AAMS Hippocrates Gala, the Awardees have helped change medicine. They move the needle. They update standards of care for epidemics like obstructive sleep apnea and create public policy for laws to inspect frenulae at birth. They have set myofunctional therapy on a foundation built on scientific evidence and helped us to understand how tongue posture drives body posture, while changing the way we look at the systems that feed into pathologies related to orofacial myofunctional disorders. I have no doubt that in the coming years, those we celebrate here will go on to help untold millions of people who suffer. It is truly an exciting time for us as we can see the work that these leaders have conceived of translated into treatment.

At our third gala, we celebrated the brilliance of these individuals and institutions, in our venue il Nuovo Circulo degli Scacchi which has fittingly designated the swallow as its symbol since its formation in the 16th century as a palace. From the inception of our young society we have come together to not only come together to show cases and applaud good work, but to to actually disrupt existing paradigms. Join us as we endeavor to change medicine. Mercury, please help us to sing stories of the poetry of this work, and may all the professionals here go back and communicate the knowledge gleaned here, crossing boundaries, building commerce, and transporting souls to a place of healing.

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$150 USD

One-Time Payment

  • Interpret information from world leaders in their fields about applications of myofunctional sciences and therapy, for the role of oropharyngeal development, from fetus to adult: craniofacial ctructure and posture: rehabilitation and reversal of epigenetic mutation.
  • Identify teamwork strategies to treat people
  • Describe the contribution of other health-related professionals in the care of our patients.
  • Identify preventive measures that can be implemented to promote the optimal growth and development of happy and healthy children to adulthood.
  • Analyze the most updated studies in the field of oropharyngeal development.
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The Role of Oropharyngeal Development, From Fetus to Adult: Craniofacial Structure and Posture-Rehabilitation and Reversal of Epigenetic Mutation

With a clear emphasis on both new research and practical clinical treatment